私たちは、スコーピングレビュー(scoping review)と呼ばれる文献検索の手法により、医療におけるAI技術の実装・利活用に関する意思決定について、当事者・関係者の参画の実践状況を調査しています。


The aim of AIDE project is to realise AI in healthcare for all by designing a platform for sustainable stakeholder engagement.

When implementing AI technology in healthcare, it is necessary to understand the interests and needs of patients, the public, healthcare professionals, AI developers, and so on, and to identify specific images and practices of stakeholder engagement and involvement.

We are in the process of identifying the current practice of stakeholder engagement in the implementation of AI in healthcare through a literature research methodology: a scoping review.

With this scoping review, we expect to better understand how stakeholder involvement is being discussed and practiced in the area of AI in health care. These results will have key implications for designing our platform for the practice of stakeholder engagement.